LED Lighting

LED Lighting

What makes our LED Lighting different

  • They shine brighter while slashing your energy consumption

    Simply speaking, a higher lm/W output means more light for less power. Replacing your old bulbs means you’ll save around 80% in your energy consumption. Time to sit back and enjoy the savings.

  • True colour rendering

    Has your partner ever picked the perfect paint colour from a pile of swatches on a shop shelf, only to blame you for buying the wrong shade after you’ve already painted half the hallway? Well, this is colour rendering.

    Each light source reproduces colours differently and since Vista only uses chips with an 80+CRI (Colour Rendering Index) which produce a more natural and comfortable light, this scenario will never happen with our lighting.

  • Less is more

    Some manufacturers over-drive lighting chips, pushing them at 100% of the driver capacity. While this may result in high lumens in the beginning, the lights will prematurely fade and eventually fail in a short period of time.

    At Vista, we value consistent, long-term quality lighting solutions for our clients. This is achieved by under-driving our lighting so they truly go the distance.

  • Product integrity

    We did extensive research to identify the 2 components of an LED light that are most likely to fail. To make sure our lighting holds up to our promise of quality solutions to our clients, we use only high end Japanese and Taiwanese drivers and LED chips that have been independently tested and rated at no less than 50,000 hours.

  • Parts & labour warranty

    We are so confident in the exceptional quality of our Premium lighting range that we provide a minimum 5 year parts and labour warranty. This means no worries for you.

  • Australian standards compliance

    We are proud to meet Australian standards and certification.

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Vista empowers commercial & industrial clients to significantly reduce electricity costs and lower carbon footprint easily by upgrading outdated and ineffective lighting to bright, energy-efficient LED lighting.

After your no-obligation energy assessment, we’ll suggest a suite of solutions.

Retail LED Lighting Solutions

Retail chains, stores and shops benefit from the supreme lighting quality of Vista’s LED lighting. They’re able to literally showcase their products in the best light while reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

It’s ‘set & forget’.


Becky Phillips

Franchise Owner, Jetts Fitness, Midland WA

We had Vista Energy replace all lighting within our Midland Gym. The immediate luminosity was profound and we are now seeing the financial savings. They are a professional company with great after-sales service.

Join the revolution

It’s energy done differently. Whether your mission is to reduce your energy bills, cut carbon emissions, or generate power from the sun, now nothing can stop you from joining the energy revolution!

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