Lighting as a Service

Lighting as a Service

Unlock Cash Flow With LED Lighting

Is your outdated lighting system draining your business resources?

It’s time to shed light on a brighter, more efficient solution.

Say goodbye to high energy bills and constant maintenance hassles. Vista Energy is here to get you excited about your lighting with our LED Lighting as a Service program.

About LaaS


Inefficient lighting is costly and requires regular maintenance and has a negative impact on your carbon footprint. Upgrading to LED fittings is the best way to solve these issues and shrink your carbon footprint. But the upfront expense of the upgrade is not always realistic for all companies.

LaaS is not a lease or form of finance/credit. It’s a Service Agreement specifically designed to be an off-balance sheet transaction. Our innovative business model requires no capital expenditure, giving you the benefits of LED lighting immediately while improving your cash position & saving you money.

How LaaS works


  • We upgrade your lighting to LED lighting at NO COST TO YOU
  • You start saving up to 25% on you energy bills immediately
  • You start generating positive cash flow for your business

Your lighting will be dramatically improved and you’ll be able to concentrate on what really matters – your business!

Trusted by Aussie and NZ legends

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