Energy Calculator

Energy Calculator

It’s time for Energy Done Differently

With electricity prices surging towards unaffordable, Vista Energy is here to help you ease the load.

We work with you to formulate perfect-fit energy solutions that are:

  • based on your specific needs
  • saves you money on your bottom-line, and
  • helps you journey towards net zero.

One of our most valuable solutions is Lighting As a Service (LaaS).

With LaaS we replace your outdated lighting with power-efficient LED options at $0 cost to you. Best of all, you’ll see considerable savings from day 1!

If you’re currently using high bay lighting, use our calculator to see how much cold, hard cash Vista Energy can save you.

For all your other lighting questions, simply book your free assessment below or give us a call.

and one of our consultants will be in touch ASAP.



What is the wattage
of your Metal Halide Lights?

How many fittings
do you have?

How many hours
a day do your lights operate?

How many days a year
do your lights operate?

Projected Annual Energy Saving (kWh)

Projected Annual Cash Saving (AUD)

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