Quest Apartments

Quest Apartments

Location East Perth
Hospitality LED Lighting

Project Summary

Overall power change
66 Overall
power change
Lighting power savings
19,000 Lighting
power savings
Co2 Savings
26 Co2

Quest Apartments, East Perth

Vista Energy replaced the old fluorescent tubes from several areas within the iconic and prestigious Quest Apartments in East Perth.

Vista Energy was able to retro-fit LED tubes to the rear carpark area, the emergency stairwells, the offices, the staff kitchen, gym and linen room.

The original fluorescent tube lighting was inefficient, dim and required regular maintenance. The new lighting is brighter, uses a lot less electricity and comes with free electrical maintenance – a warranty that includes parts and labour!

Director, Byron McDonald recognised the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, lowering their electricity costs and freeing up their maintenance team for more important things than replacing light bulbs.

Total energy consumed for the areas that were upgraded by Vista Energy has been reduced by more than 19,000 kW per year, a saving of 65.8% on previous consumption.

The LED lighting retro-fit project meant that they could retain their existing fittings and benefit from the newer LED tube technology. The retro-fit delivered a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 26 tonnes per year.

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