Zeel Kitchens

Zeel Kitchens

Location Rockingham
Year 2019
Industrial LED Lighting Solar

Project Summary

Average lux change
100 Average
lux change
Overall power change
65 Overall
power change
Co2 Savings
105 Co2

Solar case study

The award-winning custom kitchen company, Zeel Kitchens, is another great Australian business that is reducing their energy costs with a solar.

In December 2019, Vista Energy installed a 100kW solar system at Zeel Kitchen’s facility in Rockingham, Western Australia. Vista Energy also upgraded Zeel Kitchen’s factory lighting to LED highbays.

During the initial audit process Zeel Kitchens expressed that they were able to adjust their daily start time in order to maximise the effectiveness of the solar in tackling their grid consumption. As a 5 day a week business with minimal weekend consumption Vista Energy was able to model the projected solar generation curve against the average consumption profile for the site throughout the year. By changing the work start time from 7am to 8 am Zeel Kitchens were able to reduce their grid consumption by a projected 65% across the year.

The solar installation mandated certain upgrades to the grid connection and Vista Energy was able to engineer a solution and work together with Western Power (network distributor) to bolt onto the external meter-board and minimise any workplace disruption.

Solution provided by Vista Energy
  • JA Solar Panels
  • Solar Edge Inverters with Optimisers

Vista Energy’s testimonials

Philip McDonald

General Manager, Zeel Kitchens

Thanks to the team at Vista Energy for making the installation of our Solar Energy System so easy. Their process from start to finish was professional and seamless with no downtime or disruption to our business. Looking forward to the benefits of reducing our Electricity Bills whilst more importantly reducing our carbon footprint.

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