Why Vista Energy for LED Lighting

1. Highest Practical Lumens per Watt (lm/W)

A higher lm/W output means more light for less power. This is why we are able to save around 70%~80% when replacing old lighting. Beware of suppliers claiming high lm/W without the specifications to back these up; getting a high lm/W (e.g. 150+) without reducing the life of a light requires a high level of engineering and superior components.

2. Colour Rendering

We always use chips that have a high (80+) CRI, or Colour Rendering Index. This is a rating of the ‘quality’ of the light the chips produce, measured in relation to sunlight (defined as CRI 100). Chips with a CRI of 80+ are more expensive and less efficient than those with a lower CRI, but produce a more natural and comfortable light.

It’s possible to get a high lm/W using low CRI chips, but the quality of the light is not considered acceptable in environments like retail, office, education, etc.

3. Under (not Over) Driving

The most common trick poor quality manufacturers use to achieve high lm/W from inferior components is to ‘overdrive’ the chips (basically, pushing them at 100% of the driver capacity). This leads to high lumens at the start, but results in ‘moonlight’ within just a couple of years… followed by failure of components not long after!

We always ensure our lights are being comfortably under-driven so that they truly do go the distance.

4. Driver & Chip Longevity

There are essentially two components that can fail in an LED light:

  1. Drivers – we use high-end drivers (usually Japanese or Taiwanese) that are independently tested and rated at no less than 50,000hrs.
  2. LED Chips – we favour Nichia (Japanese), Philips (high-end only) and Lumiled chips for their quality and long L70 rating (L70 means the number of hours after which lights produce 70% of their original lm/W; all of our products have a genuine L70 of 50,000+ hours, with some over 80,000 hrs).

5. Parts & Labour Warranty

With every one of our Premium range of lights we provide a minimum 5-year parts and labour warranty. This is proof that we stand by the quality of our products and puts the pressure back on us to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards.

6. Compliance with Australian Standards

It’s important to ensure that all products being compared meet Australian standards and have the appropriate certification. 

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Upgrading old lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy consumption, lower electricity and maintenance costs and cut their CO2 emissions.

Vista has helped a lot of commercial clients to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint. Upgrading old, dim, fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LED lighting is a great place to start. Fluorescent lighting flickers at a rapid rate and can result in eye-strain, fatigue and staff absenteeism. It also requires regular ongoing maintenance and is about 75-80% more expensive to operate than LED lighting. In many cases, Vista can retro-fit LED tubes to exisiting fluorescent fittings in classrooms so that there is less wastage and expense. Replacing old warehouse lights (highbay lights and floodlights) with LED lights will help to reduce your energy bill and there are also a number of other benefits, including: a brighter, safer workplace; reduced maintenance costs – no need to regularly replace bulbs; instant light – no need to wait for old lights to heat up.

Retail LED Lighting Solutions

Vista has helped a growing number of Australian retail chains, stores, shops and businesses to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint by installing energy-efficient, LED lighting. Business owners can save money and electricity, help the environment and have a brighter store, which also helps to increase their own sales. More about retail LED solutions.

“We had Vista Energy replace all lighting within our Midland Gym. The immediate luminosity was profound and we are now seeing the financial savings. They are a professional company with great after-sales service.”

Becky Phillips

Franchise Owner, Jetts Fitness, Midland WA



Total energy consumed for the areas that were upgraded by Vista Energy has been reduced by more than 19,000 kW per year, a saving of 65.8% on previous consumption.

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