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Reducing Energy and Maintenance Costs

There are a number of things that can be done to significantly reduce energy consumption, electricity costs and reduce CO2 emissions for premises with warehousing facilities. If you are serious about reducing your electricity bill, start with a free energy audit.

Due to the sheer size of many warehouses and the regular, long hours that they operate, the first item to look at is usually the lighting, but energy savings shouldn’t stop there.

Helping to reduce energy costs for Warehouses

Vista has helped a number of companies to reduce the electricity costs for their warehouses and lower their carbon footprint. Replacing old metal-halide workshop lights and warehouse lights to energy efficient LED lighting is a great place to start. Fluorescent lights in the warehouse offices can also be upgraded to LED for significant monthly, electricity savings.  

Don’t have the capital available for LED lighting upgrades at your Warehouse?

Ask about our ZERO-COST LED lighting upgrade, where the new lights are paid for out of a share of your monthly electricity savings. 

How much would LED Lighting and SOLAR reduce your Warehouse’s monthly and annual electricity costs by?

In many cases, LED lighting upgrades can reduce a warehouse’s electricity costs by 20-40% and Solar can reduce electricity costs by approximately 45%. However, every warehouse is different, has different machinery, lighting and hours of operation, so each warehouse or business will require an individual energy assessment. To find out what the numbers are for your warehouse or business, request one of Vista’s free energy audits.

"Thank you for the fast, efficient, no-problem work done on our lighting. Throughout the duration, your whole crew have been friendly with all the team and considerate of the stock flow this time of year. The team are so happy with the lighting throughout the store, and we now have a bright, safe work environment to work in. Safe travels back to Australia."

Sara Yates

Complex Manager, Bunnings, Whangarei, NZ


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