River Fresh IGA

River Fresh IGA

Location Margaret River
Year 2016
LED Lighting Retail

Project Summary

Average lux change
120 Average
lux change
Overall power change
72 Overall
power change
cost saving
$12,300 Cost
Lighting power savings
47,032 Lighting
power savings
Co2 Savings
10 Co2

Energy savings for IGA supermarket

Locally owned and managed since 1993, River Fresh IGA is a supermarket with a reputation for providing quality with old-fashioned service.

Owner and manager, Debbie O’Connor, wanted to both improve the appearance of the store, while simultaneously reducing power costs and CO2 emissions.

  • Total energy consumed has been reduced by more than 80,000kWh per year, a saving of just over 63% on previous consumption.
  • The project delivered a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 110 MT per year. That’s equal to taking 23 cars off the road every year, or planting 8,270 trees.
  • In addition to energy cost savings, the project delivered an estimated maintenance cost saving of around $3,810 per year.

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