There are a number of things that the owners of retail stores and shops can do to significantly reduce their energy consumption, lower their electricity bills and cut their CO2 emissions.

Vista has helped a growing number of Australian retail chains, stores, shops and businesses to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint. 


Supermarkets are among the most energy-hungry businesses around, due to the heavy load on refrigeration and lighting required to keep produce fresh and cater for longer trading hours.

Because your supermarkets demand always-on power, it can make them particularly vulnerable to rising energy costs, outages and equipment failures.

However, with the right technology and tailored solutions from VISTA, there are many opportunities for improved energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions and financial savings.

Our experience working with clients such as IGA has given us an expert insight into the common energy challenges faced by the supermarkets and grocery industry.

Key areas to consider:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning)
  • Refrigeration
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Solar Power

Projected Energy Savings

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“I’m delighted with the quality of the energy-efficient lighting installed by Vista Energy. It’s really ‘lifted’ my store far more than you’d expect from a product that cuts your power consumption in half! Plus they back it up with exceptional service.”

Rob Filmer

Owner, IGA Mandurah


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