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Helping Gyms to REDUCE their energy costs

There are a number of things that Gyms and Fitness Centres can do to significantly reduce their energy consumption, lower their electricity bills and cut their CO2 emissions.

Vista has helped a LOT of 24-hour gyms to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint. Small changes can make a big difference to your monthly electricity costs when you are operating 24-hours of every day, 7-days per week.

Many gyms are still burning money every month with old fluorescent lighting that could easily be upgraded to energy-efficient, LED lighting. LED lighting will cut the energy consumption of your lights by about 75-80%. It will also slash your maintenance costs, because Vista provide free electrical maintenance on our lights.*

Don’t have the capital available for LED lighting upgrades at your Gym?

In many cases, Vista can retro-fit LED tubes to exisiting fluorescent fittings in gyms so that there is less wastage and expense. Ask about our ZERO-COST LED lighting upgrade, where the new lights are paid for out of a share of your monthly electricity savings.

How much would SOLAR reduce your Gym’s monthly and annual electricity costs by?

To find out, request a free energy assessment for your gym.

*Ask us about the warranty period for a lighting solution that suits your needs.


Find out how much VISTA can save you on your next energy bill.


Your Estimated ZERO-COST, annual electricity savings*

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