Your Business & the Corona Virus

Friday 20th March 2020.

With the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, VISTA is helping businesses to save money on their energy costs in these tough economic times.

Taking small steps in the area of energy savings now, could make a BIG difference in the future.

As you may have heard, the Government has just recently introduced a Corona virus support package for businesses.

How can this HELP my business?

Any business-related asset (ie: energy saving equipment, lighting, solar) purchased, is an immediate tax deduction (for purchases up to the value of $150K). There is NO limit to the number of assets you can purchase, as every asset purchased under the threshold is an immediate write-off. The threshold was previously $30K per asset.

This applies to all assets purchased between the 12th March 2020 – 30th June 2020. The asset must be installed and/or ready for business use by 30th June 2020 in order to qualify.

Is there a ZERO-COST finance option?

Businesses can still claim the incentive when purchasing via an Energy Ease Chattel Payment Plan. This means customers can get solutions installed for $0 down while repayments are often less than the electricity bill savings.

On top of this customers can now instantly claim the full value of the system as depreciation. That’s equivalent to $45,000 in tax credit* on a $150,000 system.

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