Zero-Cost Energy Savings

Instant energy savings without the capital cost

Our unique ‘Energy Savings-as-a-Service’ plan means you can start saving money and reducing your CO2 output immediately at ZERO  COST.

Vista Energy can upgrade your inefficient lighting, enhance the performance of your refrigeration equipment, install voltage optimisation and even equip your business with solar power… all at zero capital cost!

Here’s how we do it…

In most cases, Vista Energy doesn’t charge you anything up-front to switch over to our new, efficient technology. Instead, we share in the savings you make every month as a direct result of any changes we make.


Here’s an example of how we can transform your premises into energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly operations… saving you money and time.

1. Desktop & Physical Audits
  • Desktop assessment of the facility using information provided by you
  • On-site inspection and assessment of lighting, refrigeration, voltage-susceptible equipment and potential for solar
  • Monitoring equipment may be connected to track a variety of equipment, such as light circuits
  • Confirmation of your electricity contract – including tariff – and monthly hours of operation of equipment
2. Proposal
  • We create a model of your energy consumption across different equipment & estimate the savings we can achieve for you by changing over equipment and adding solar power generation
  • From this model, we prepare and present a formal proposal for your consideration
3. Measurement
  • When you’re happy with the proposal, we develop a project implementation schedule and commence groundwork preparations
  • As each stage of the project is implemented, we measure and report on the decrease in energy consumption
  • From this data, we refine the contract to match the findings from this measurement until we have an agreement that accurately reflects the actual savings generated
4. Review
  • If, after 60 days of continuous use, our energy-saving solutions are not delivering at least 80% of the savings we have contracted, we’ll either solve the problems or replace the equipment with your original equipment. This excludes solar power generation systems.