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  • Power to the People

    If you missed the Four Corners feature on the state of renewable energy, we highly recommend checking it out: Here’s an overview… Newspapers, telecommunications and the entertainment industry have all felt the chill winds of change brought on by new technology. Now science is revolutionising power generation. Technology is making alternative sources of energy cheaper, […]

  • Buildings Never Sleep

    According to a report published by our friends at Greensense, commercial buildings are on average empty/unused for 72% of the year. Yet, power use during this period is a staggering 55% of a building’s total consumption! Why is it so? Well, the research undertaken by Greensense found that “most buildings have relatively high levels of ‘base […]

  • How much do we really recycle?

    Very interesting infographic showing how much (little?) recycling happens in Western countries. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

  • Press Release: 10 June 2013

    A new solution to the increasing cost of electricity in Australia is taking hold amongst Perth-based businesses, delivering energy and CO2 savings of around 46%. Vista Energy has spent the last 18 months growing its presence in the local and interstate markets, supplying energy-efficient lighting solutions under a unique ‘no cost, no hassle’ business model. […]

  • Press Release: 02 May 2013

    Press Release: 02 May 2013 Energy-saving lighting at no cost? Absolutely, according to Vista Energy’s CEO, Robin Walford. “We partner with businesses small and large right across Australia with lighting solutions that reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by around 50%. And it doesn’t have to cost our clients anything!” Most clients elect to take-up […]

  • Climate change’s forgotten gases

    Policy makers seeking to reduce greenhouse gases from deforestation cannot ignore the levels of nitrous oxide and methane released into the atmosphere as part of land conversion for palm oil, soya bean and other crops, scientists say. While these forgotten gases account for only a small fraction of total greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, nitrous […]

  • Carbon farming in action!

    The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has made some short YouTube videos about the Carbon Farming Initiative, showing two examples of farms which are leading the way in the carbon farming space! SOURCE: GreenPages