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  • How Solar Panels Work

    Another great post from the folks at Visual Capitalist. This one produced by Humans have been trying to harness the sun’s energy for most of history, but it was the invention of the first photovoltaic cell by French physicist Edmond Becquerel in 1839 that finally made solar energy possible on a grander scale. Since then, solar […]

  • History of Solar Energy

    Check out this fascinating infographic published by Jeff Desjardins (Jan. 19, 2017) on Harvesting the power of the sun has been a human endeavor since the beginning of civilization. After all, the sun puts out 3.8 x 10^26 watts of power, and NASA scientists estimate that even capturing 0.0001% of what hits the earth […]

  • USA: 36% of new power Solar & Wind

    Another great article from (Jeff Desjardins, Dec. 20, 2016) that shows how 36% of new power supply projects waiting to come online in the USA are for Solar and Wind generation… According to the article’s author, solar and wind capacity grew 31% and 5% respectively between 2014 and 2015. However, the following news is […]

  • Google 100% percent renewable!

    Google has long described itself as the number one corporate renewable energy purchaser in the world. Soon, the tech giant will reach a major milestone and further stake their claim. Google committed to 100 percent renewable energy back in 2012 and will deliver on that promise sometime within the next 12 months with projects that […]

  • Catalyst: Battery powered homes

    Another great story from one of our favourite shows, Catalyst. There’s a power revolution heading for our homes – a device that allows you to take power into your own hands. Its batteries, home batteries, and they’ve been called the holy grail of renewables – the key to the transition away from fossil fuels. Australia […]

  • Catalyst: Super Solar Cells

    In this March 2015 episode of Catalyst, Dr Graham Phillips investigates new technology that is able to convert more than 40 per cent of the sun’s light into electricity. This is more than double the efficiency of today’s domestic rooftop solar panels, and could eventually lead to cheaper sources of renewable energy. Watch online here: […]

  • Power to the People

    If you missed the Four Corners feature on the state of renewable energy, we highly recommend checking it out: Here’s an overview… Newspapers, telecommunications and the entertainment industry have all felt the chill winds of change brought on by new technology. Now science is revolutionising power generation. Technology is making alternative sources of energy cheaper, […]