Buildings Never Sleep

According to a report published by our friends at Greensense, commercial buildings are on average empty/unused for 72% of the year. Yet, power use during this period is a staggering 55% of a building’s total consumption!

Why is it so?

Well, the research undertaken by Greensense found that “most buildings have relatively high levels of ‘base load’, meaning they continue to consume significant amounts of power even when they’re empty.”

Assuming lights go out and air conditioning is off while a building is empty of people, the most likely culprit are ‘plug loads’: essentially, all those devices we bring into a building and connect to wall sockets for their power. Computers, photocopiers, desk lamps, even refrigerators and dishwashers.

“Plug loads,” says Greensense, “must inevitably form the focus of any out of hours performance improvements.”

Fortunately, occupants have almost total control over plug loads and can, therefore, achieve significant reductions in energy consumption through simple changes in habits, like powering down computers when they leave work.

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